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Launch Your Website In Under 2 Weeks

We help chiropractors launch professionally-designed websites in under two weeks without crazy contracts or silly startup fees. We also update their blogs every week with keyword-rich and condition-based articles that educate people on the importance of chiropractic care.

Your Website Will Include The Following:

Clinic Website

Your website is a reflection of who you are, what you do, and how you can help. It's dynamic, updated weekly and promotes your services professionally.

SSL-secured Connection

Your website is secured and encrypted using the most current SSL certificates and technologies. This means any data entered is safely and securely shared.

Blazing Fast Web Hosting

Your website is powered by Google Cloud—one of the fastest and best connected networks in the world. This means your site will load super fast for everyone.

Mobile-ready Design

Your website is mobile-ready. This means it'll look great and be easy to navigate no matter what kind of device people view it from.

Weekly Blog Articles

Your website is updated weekly with keyword-rich and condition-based blog articles that articulate how chiropractic care can help.

SEO Optimized Content

Your website is search engine optimized for the community you serve. This means you'll have a better chance to rank higher.

Built-in Reviews Page

Your website is equipped with a built-in reviews page. It allows you to completely control every review that's being submitted so you can publish only the ones you want the public to see.

Contact & Schedule Forms

Your website is equipped with easy to use contact and schedule forms that notify you when entries are submitted. CAPTCHA technology is also used to help eliminate spam and pesky bots.

Daily Backups

Your website is backed up daily to our secure servers. This means you never have to worry about lost content if your website experiences an extremely rare technical glitch or server issue.

I have been using Chiropractic Marketing Websites for quite a few years now and I am very happy with the results! The team at CMW are 100% qualified and they understand how to help my website stay at the top of the list. I regularly enjoy having new patients call our office and say that they found us on the internet. Their customer service is second to none. Every time I have had a question or just wanted to talk, the CMW Support Team have completely met and exceeded my expectations! I have and will continue to recommend CMW!

- Dr. Aaron binns, Chiropractor

How it Works

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Activate Your Membership

The first step to launching your website is to activate your membership. Your membership runs $199 per month and is processed every 30 days. There are no startup fees or contracts and you can cancel at any time simply by emailing us.


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How do I launch my new website?

It's easy! Here's how:

1. Activate your membership.

2. Fill out our Get Started form.

3. Your website will launch within 2 weeks after receiving your Get Started form submission.

That's all there's to it!

What is the fee to build and manage my new website?

The membership fee to build and manage your new website is $199 per month. It includes web hosting and daily backups.

Is the fee one-time or monthly?

The membership fee is monthly (every 30 days).

Is there a startup fee?


Is there a contract?

No and you can cancel at any time simply by emailing us.

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