Turn Website Visitors into New Patients in 90 Days or Less Without Tech Overwhelm or Spending a Lot on Advertising

We help chiropractors launch conversion-focused websites in under two weeks without crazy contracts or silly startup fees. Go ahead and peruse our plans, make a selection and get growing your practice on auto-pilot. 

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  • Professionally-designed clinic website
  • SSL-secured connection
  • Blazing fast web hosting
  • Mobile-ready right out of the box
  • Ready-to-use blogging software
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I can’t recommend Dr. MacNamara and Chiropractic Marketing Websites enough. I was not satisfied with our previous chiropractic website company and their generic website so I contacted Dr. MacNamara. His knowledge of chiropractic and internet marketing was very helpful and made the process seamless and easy. I would highly recommend chiropractors use Dr. MacNamara for their website needs.


Features of the Basic Plan

Clinic Website

Your website is a reflection of who you are, what you do, and how you can help. It's dynamic, updated weekly and promotes your services professionally.

SSL-secured Connection

Your website is secured and encrypted using the most current SSL certificates and technologies. This means any data entered is safely and securely shared.

Blazing Fast Web Hosting

Your website is powered by Google Cloud—one of the fastest and best connected networks in the world. This means your site will load super fast for everyone.

Mobile-ready Design

Your website is mobile-ready right out of the box. This means it'll look great and be easy to navigate no matter what kind of device people view it from.

Built-in Reviews Page

Your website is equipped with a built-in reviews page. It allows you to completely control every review that's being submitted so you can publish only the ones you want the public to see.

Contact & Schedule Forms

Your website is equipped with easy to use contact and schedule forms that notify you when entries are submitted. CAPTCHA technology is also used to help eliminate spam and pesky bots.

Daily Backups

Your website is backed up daily to our secure servers. This means you never have to worry about lost content if your website experiences an extremely rare technical glitch or server issue.

Weekly Software Updates

Your website's software is maintained on a weekly basis. This means you never have to worry about updating your theme, plugins or other important software that keep your website up-to-date and secure.

Ready-to-use Blogging Software

Your website is equipped with the most popular blogging software on the planet. Build authority, create community, develop trust, and generate leads all from your blog. You can blog at your own pace or purchase, then publish professionally-written content yourself from Blogging Chiropractors.


  • Includes the Basic Plan plus...
  • Full access to The CMW Method
  • Full access to our proven blueprints
  • Access to our Ad Management Service
  • Access to our Marketing Campaign Service
  • Weekly chiropractic blog articles

Chiropractic Marketing Websites has been managing our website for years and we are extremely happy with their product and services. They are professional and have excellent customer service. I highly recommend them for all of your chiropractic internet marketing needs!


Features of the Professional Plan

The CMW Method

Gain full access to The CMW Method, our proprietary conversion-focused marketing system that works for any chiropractor in any market without spending a lot on advertising.

Proven Blueprints

Gain full access to our proven blueprints, a repository of simple blueprints that cut out 99% of the time and frustration related to virtually every aspect of online marketing.

Ad Management Service

Gain access to our Ad Management Service* and leave everything you hate about running ads to us. We can manage all of your ads for you for pennies on the dollar.

Marketing Campaign Service

Gain access to our Marketing Campaign Service† and never worry about how to build and launch automated marketing funnels that actually convert leads into new patients.

Weekly Blog Articles

Your website will be updated weekly with keyword-rich and condition-based blog articles that articulate how chiropractic care can help. It's all part of our hassle-free blog writing service.

The CMW Method


The CMW Method is a simple to follow marketing system that works for any chiropractor in any market without spending a lot on advertising. Unlike most solutions out there that only add a single "piece of the puzzle"—oftentimes leaving you more confused, frustrated and overwhelmed than when you first started—the CMW Method is the puzzle itself.  All you have to do is complete the right steps in the right order, then hand everything over to us so we can build your first campaign.

3 Simple Steps To More New Patients

Step 1 of the CMW Method

STEP 1: Build Your Platform

Learn how to define your target audience and craft the perfect message with an irresistible offer that speaks directly to the wants, needs, and desires of your most skeptical prospect.

Step 2 of the CMW Method

STEP 2: Prepare Your Pipelines

Learn how to launch lead-generating chiropractic marketing campaigns without complicated landing pages and funnels.

Step 1 of the CMW Method

STEP 3: Attract Your Prospects

Learn how to quickly and consistently generate qualified leads on demand for your chiropractic practice without having to blog, post silly updates to social media, or spend a lot on advertising.

A Few Things You'll Learn From Our Training

Learn the CMW Method

How To Find The Ideal Patient For Your Chiropractic Practice That Pays, Stays & Refers

Learn how to get crystal clear on exactly who your target market is and how to find them so you can craft marketing messages that speak directly to their specific wants, needs, and desires.

Chiropractic Marketing

How To Condense All Of Your Chiropractic Marketing Into One Powerful Patient-Attracting Sentence

Learn how to condense all of your marketing into one powerful sentence. It'll be the one sentence you repeatedly use in Facebook ads, TikTok videos, landing pages, speaking gigs, or health events.

Simple Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

How To Generate 2-10 Times More Chiropractic Leads On Autopilot Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising

Learn what type of lead magnet to create, the exact content to use and how to successfully use it to generate 2-10 times more leads than what you're currently getting—all done on autopilot.

Additional Features of the Professional Plan

The CMW Method - Proven Blueprints

Download All of Our Proven Blueprints

At the core of The CMW Method lies a repository of simple blueprints (one page "cheat sheets") that eliminate the frustration associated with virtually every aspect of online marketing. Just fill them out, send them back to us and let us handle the rest!

Hire Us To Grow Your Leads*

Rapidly scale your chiropractic business through proven paid strategies on the most popular ad platforms like Facebook, Google and YouTube. Our Ad Management Service can be added to your existing plan for an additional fee by clicking here.

Hire Us To Launch Your marketing Campaigns †

Never mess around with ClickFunnels or other confusing services again! Instead, hire us to get your marketing campaigns off the ground fast. We'll build, connect and launch everything you need without tech overwhelm or spending a lot on advertising.

* Our Ad Management Service is an add-on service which requires an additional fee. See our FAQs section for more information.

† Our Marketing Campaign Service is an add-on service which requires an additional fee.


  • Includes the Professional Plan plus...
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing funnels
  • Niche-specific campaigns
  • Completely done-for-you marketing

Wow! What a blessing Dr. MacNamara is to the chiropractic profession! He has a combined passion for chiropractors, and an incredible talent and knowledge of technology, web design, and marketing. By putting these all together he is able to help chiropractors like me and you not only look great on the web, but to have all the underlying work and technology taken care of with minimal effort and set up.


Features of the Premium Plan

Landing Pages

Your lead-generating landing pages are niche-specific and strategically designed to attract only the type of chiropractic patients you want to see.

Marketing Funnels

Your conversion-focused marketing funnels are designed to grow your list of leads on auto-pilot, then help convert them from prospects to new patients.

Niche-specific Campaigns

Your niche-specific marketing campaigns are setup to encourage your leads to become new patients by speaking directly to what they're struggling with.

Email Follow-up Series *

Your marketing emails are strategically written and delivered weekly to help encourage the most skeptical person to schedule an appointment with you.

Lead Targeting Technology

Your lead targeting technology is built directly into your website to help maximize lead capturing, lead generation, lead nurturing and conversion.

Done-for-you Marketing

Your done-for-you marketing plan is custom-designed around your philosophy and practice. It helps attract the type of patients you actually want to see and treat.

* Email & SMS services are provided through a third-party partner and require a separate subscription which starts as low as $19 per month.

How it Works

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