Off-Page SEO: What Every
Chiropractor Ought To Know In 2024

Chiropractic SEO Off-Page SEO in 2024There is much more to search engine optimization for chiropractors than meets the eye. While there is a lot to be said for keywords, tags and the URL, off-page SEO brings a whole other dimension to your optimization efforts.

You may not readily recognize it as chiropractic SEO, though, because the marketing strategies are typically associated with promotion as opposed to search engine optimization.

Good off-page SEO will help increase your chiropractic website’s search engine ranking and give it more exposure. These strategies will help you round out your website’s SEO and get the most out of your efforts.

Off-Page SEO: Social Media

Social media is a huge draw for consumers and successful businesses are recognizing this. Create profiles on some of the more popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, then begin interacting with your customers.

Don’t join too many sites, though, unless you have a team that will keep up with your social media efforts. If you spread yourself too thin, you won’t be able to keep up, rendering the strategy ineffective.

Off-Page SEO: Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great off page SEO tool that is relevant. In recent years, social bookmarking has gotten a bad rap, but now social bookmarking is a very popular and productive method of off-page SEO.

A well-managed post or website that can find its way onto a social bookmarking site can really put a website or blog on the map. Just make sure that you don’t spam and always pay close attention to the tags. Tags that are too restrictive will narrow your potential customer post while tags that are too broad will bring in traffic that you won’t need.


Starting a blog is one of the best and most effective ways to promote your website. There are a few ways you can optimize your blog and make it very effective:

  • Write longer posts (1,000 minimum) that contain reviews or testimonials from patients
  • Create content that targets the type of chiropractic patient you want to treat
  • Make content relevant and timely to meet the wants, needs and desires of your prospects
  • Post frequently — at least 1 time per week
  • Create content that has substance, no fluff
  • Ensure that the content is professional and written well

Off-Page SEO: Search Engines

There are many search engines that are extremely popular and you should capitalize on that. Submit your site to the big sites like Altavista, Lycos, Google, MSN, Alexa, Yahoo, and others to boost your chances of getting found in search engine returns.

Off-Page SEO: Forums

Create a forum or message board that is related to your practice. You need to be able to tie your website into it. Start discussions, participate in discussions, share topics on social media and make sure that your signature as well as a link back to your website appears on all of your posts. Keep your posts relevant, though and don’t spam.

Off-Page SEO: Directories

Some folks aren’t entirely sold on directories; they believe that they’re obsolete. Directories are doing quite well, though, and it would be quite beneficial for you to submit your site to some.

This is one of the SEO tools that does not work immediately, but in the end a few directory submissions can easily drive your traffic. Choose directories that are popular or that attract traffic from your target audience.

Sites like Yahoo Directory, Pegasus, DMOZ, One Mission and ZoonInfo are great places to use to get your name out there. Carefully choose the category for your submission, though. A few well-placed categories can be the difference between customers beating down your door and…crickets.

Off-Page SEO: Link Exchange

If you want to impress Google’s PageRank algorithm and get a higher page rank, then get some inbound links. They will draw customers to your site because of the great content and blog posts that you have. Steer clear of black-hats, though.

Off-Page SEO: Review Sites

Mega review site, Yelp, made business and product reviewing cool and Google+ Business and Angie’s List are making it legitimate. People are flocking to these sites to get recommendations and to read about others’ experiences with particular businesses. Provide exceptional customer service and encourage your patients to review your practice on as many of these sites as possible.

Off-Page SEO: Link Baiting

This is a very simple strategy that can get you great traffic for little effort. Search for blog posts and content from others in your field, or related industries. Reference the blog on your site and provide a link. Allow others to post your link on their site, but ensure that the content is solid and not spammy.

Off-Page SEO: Photo Sharing

Take photos of your services, your employees, your clinic and other parts of your practice. Write up something clever or informative and share it on your social media page. You can also share photos on sites like Picii, Picasa, Flickr, Photo Bucket and Pinterest.

Off-Page SEO: Video

Video is enjoying a huge boon in popularity and you would be wise to take advantage of it. Visitors love video and they will visit links to get to clips that are interesting, information and contain unique information. In your video you can talk about your services or practice, give visitors a virtual tour or post testimonials of satisfied patients.

Off-Page SEO: Yellow Pages and other citations

While the Yellow Pages book is almost extinct, the Yellow Pages business is thriving online. So are Google Local, Superpages, Yahoo Local and Hotfrog — so get your business listed with them. This is a great way to attract your target audience.

This is not a complete list of off-page SEO stratagies. There are many other things that you can do to promote your chiropractic practice to reach more prospects. Look at opportunities within the health industry. If you can write, try writing articles or white papers to share on other sites. Again, don’t overextend yourself; keep it focused and organized. Choose some of the best opportunities for your practice and focus on ways to best reach your target audience.


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