Chiropractic SEO:
15 Reasons Why It Is So Important In 2024

Chiropractic SEOYou hear a lot about chiropractic search engine optimization, or chiropractic SEO, but do you really know what it is or what it does? Most chiropractors don’t really know what SEO is, how it works or even what it is supposed to accomplish. This leads quite a few of them to determine that they do not need SEO for their chiropractic websites. But they are wrong. Every site (that wants to be found) needs good SEO – and it goes far beyond tossing out a few keywords.

If you think that you don’t need chiropractic SEO for your website then you need to check out these 15 compelling reasons for having your chiropractic website optimized by SEO professionals like you’ll find at Chiropractic Marketing Websites.

1. Chiropractic SEO is a non-invasive strategy driven by user intent. Unlike email marketing and telemarketing, SEO is not invasive. In fact, both your patients and prospective patients are searching for it – or the elements it offers that lead them back to your website.

2. Chiropractic SEO can be tweaked at any time to be more effective. Unlike a brochure or business card which is difficult and costly to change, you can change and tweak the SEO on your website quite easily.

3. Chiropractic SEO is a cost effective marketing tool. It is cost effective because it works. You get more bang for your buck when you use solid, professional SEO on your site. You can’t outgrow it because it grows with you. If you move locations, add a location or change your services it can be tweaked to reflect those changes.

4. Chiropractic SEO can be measured and tracked. Every aspect of your SEO can be evaluated, analyzed and measured. If something isn’t working as it should it can be easily corrected. This allows you to track every dollar you invested in your SEO – and see the return!

5. Chiropractic SEO attracts relevant traffic. If you sell widgets in Nantucket and a potential client in Nantucket is looking for widgets, they will type in ‘widgets in Nantucket.’ Will they be led to your site? If it is optimized they will. On the other hand, if they are looking for doodads in Kalamazoo your site won’t be returned in the search. Only people who are looking for what you have will be sent to your site – only relevant traffic.

6. Chiropractic SEO has high conversion potential. Now what do you think that person looking for widgets is going to do when they land on your site because of your awesome SEO? That’s right! They are going to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment! Because relevant traffic is being driven to your site, your conversion potential is higher.

7. Chiropractic SEO has the potential to drive offline sales. Several studies show that more than 80 percent of consumers conduct research on the Internet prior to making a purchase. You can bet your bottom dollar that when they are looking for a chiropractor they are going to do some research before making a decision. Make sure that they can find you with some solid chiropractic SEO.

8. Chiropractic SEO delivers quick results but is a long term chiropractic marketing strategy. An SEO professional can optimize your site so that it gets quick results. This is good if you need to see results pretty quickly. However, it is actually a long term marketing strategy. It will deliver an ongoing return on investment for a long time. It must be properly managed in order to keep you on the first page of search results, but it will work for you as long as you keep working with it.

9. Chiropractic SEO will help your prospective patients find your site (and your practice). Yes, good SEO will lead them right to your site – and into your chiropractic office.

10. Chiropractic SEO puts your website (and your practice) at the top of the heap. This is one of the main goals of SEO, to get your site ranked high in the search engines. In the search engine game, rank is everything. On Google, almost 35 percent of all clicks go to the number one spot in the rankings. Almost 13 percent click on number two while nearly 10 percent click on number three. You want to be in that top spot – or at least the top three. You want your website to pop up there for your critical keywords, putting you at the top of the proverbial heap.

11. Chiropractic SEO helps you build your brand. Branding can be tough. It is usually rather costly and pretty complex. So when you find a marketing tool that does some of the branding work without a lot of the branding effort, you need to jump on it. SEO does that. It leads people to your site, helps them find you. Then they become familiar with you so they tell their friends, share your info on social media and soon your practice is known.

12. Chiropractic SEO helps you build credibility and overcome the trust objection. People generally trust the sites that are on the first page of the search engines. That is why they rarely go to the second page or beyond. Good SEO will put you on that first page and you will build credibility and trust with your prospective clients.

13. Chiropractic SEO gives you free advertising. When your site is returned in the search engines it also includes a brief description. On an optimized site the description of keyword rich and descriptive. This equals free advertising – score!

14. Chiropractic SEO is a wise investment. If you aren’t convinced yet, reread the list then read number 15 carefully. If your website is not professionally optimized then you aren’t getting the most out of it and it is not working to its fullest potential.

15. Chiropractic SEO can be outsourced making your marketing efforts hands free. In fact, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional like Chiropractic Marketing Websites to optimize your site. The pros at CMW will give you a hands-free marketing experience for your chiropractic website.


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