Chiropractic Marketing For New Patients in 2023

Chiropractic Marketing WebsitesUpdated for 2023: As a self-employed chiropractor, you need great chiropractic marketing and social media marketing to get your website and your chiropractic business out there. You need for your prospective patients to find you.

While this may sound overly simplistic, in actuality marketing any business is a rather complex process. You can’t just read a couple of articles and jump right in. Good chiropractic marketing that gets results requires skill and knowledge that the typical marketer usually doesn’t have.

Here are a few more compelling reasons why you need chiropractic marketing:

Chiropractic Marketing: The days of the phone book are over.

Ma Bell has pretty much retired and she took her phone books with her. Everything is online now, even the Yellow Pages. According to Internet Live Stats, nearly 90 percent of the United States population uses the internet in some form or fashion. Internet usage has become the accepted form of communication, research, interaction with others and, yes, looking up business information.

Your prospects are looking for you online.

It stands to reason that if 90 percent of the people in the United States are using the internet that your customers would fall into that population. Your customers are doing Google searches or using other internet search engines to find you. How successful are they? Can your customers find you online?

Try this experiment: open a search engine and type “chiropractor” along with your city and state. Does your business show up on the first page of results? The second? Is your business so far buried in Internet search results that your prospective patients would have to accidentally stumble upon you in order to find you?

If that is the case, how much business are you losing right now?

Your prospects can’t find you on Google.

Your prospects can’t find you because the search engines can’t find your website. The search engines can’t find your website because you haven’t told them what you do or even what your business is.

This is where the expertise in chiropractic marketing comes in handy. You need someone who is skilled, experienced and educated in chiropractic SEO, social media marketing and other elements of a great campaign. It all starts with content.

People need to know how you can help them.

Good content will tell people who you are, what you do and how you can help them. And it will do so in a language and manner that the search engines understand and respond to.

What’s more, though, great content gets shared. So when you post something that your visitors and prospects think is relevant and timely, they are going to share it with their friends who are going to share it with their friends and so on.

In your great content, you will tell people how you can help them. You will establish yourself as an expert as you build trust among people who could very well become chiropractic patients. The more you put solid, relevant and timely information out there, the more familiar you will become. This means fresh content on your website on a regular basis.

Your social media accounts allow you to engage with your prospects.

Take a look at some of the most effective, successful media campaigns and you will see that most of them include customer engagement. Your prospects join social media sites to create and foster relationships. They want to have a relationship with you so when you use social media you are able to develop that relationship.

When people feel like they are important to you, like they are family, they are naturally drawn to you. That is the wonder of social media and exactly why you need a killer chiropractic marketing campaign.

You need cool stuff to share on your social media channels.

People like cool stuff. People share cool stuff. When people share your cool stuff you reap the benefits by gaining new fans, followers and, yes, patients. You need content that is fresh and different, something that people aren’t seeing elsewhere else. You need cool stuff that people will want to retweet, like, share and reblog.

You need links to your website and great content is how you get them.

So when people are sharing your cool stuff and posting it on their own blogs and websites, you are getting links back to your website. How cool is that?

What’s even cooler is that the search engines are now really taking notice. They see your website is popular and important so it begins to climb up in the rankings. If you keep at it, keep targeting Internet and social media marketing, you will make it to the first page.

This may sound like a big job — and it is. It takes time and expertise to do it right. But hiring a team to handle it for you will take a lot of weight off of your shoulders.

Chiropractic Marketing Websites Offers Custom Solutions

We offer hands-free chiropractic Internet marketing solutions. We will develop a custom marketing campaign for your chiropractic practice that will get you great ranking in the search engines and put your prospects’ eyes on your website.


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