Chiropractic Marketing Tips
For Practicing Chiropractors in 2024

Chiropractic Marketing TipsMarketing efforts for your chiropractic practice do not always have to require extensive planning and preparation. While it is a good idea to implement some long range campaigns that need prep, you should also include some marketing that can be done immediately with little or no prep time. In fact, you can start using these chiropractic marketing tips today, right now and they can start working for you as soon as your next contact with a client or the next time someone visits your website.

Chiropractic Newsletters

It doesn’t take much to create a newsletter if you keep it simple. Include elements like an informative article relating to chiropractic wellness, a few testimonials, a couple of well places, relevant photos and upcoming events.

You can also include fitness tips and healthy recipes. Think about your target clients and speak to them: busy moms, seniors, fitness buffs, folks climbing the corporate ladder, the list is almost endless.

Allow your patients to sign up to receive the newsletter in your office and have a link on your website where they can view archives and opt in. Print some copies and place in your waiting area along with subscription cards that they can fill out and turn in to the receptionist.

Client Referral Program

Create referral cards that your patients can give to their friends. When someone comes in with a referral card, give that person a discount as well as the person who referred them. Have a space for the patient’s name so they can get credit for the referral. It is so simple, but it works.

Offer Family Discounts

When your patient is checking out, have your receptionist give them a family discount card. Let them know that it is good for every member of their family (just how far that family extends is at your discretion).

Hold a Kid Wellness Event

Hold an event at your office after hours that has a focus of child wellness. Invite families and your patients who have children. Offer fun finger foods, games with prizes and a brief, informative talk on an area of child wellness. Use the time to talk about chiropractic care for children and how it can benefit them as they grow.

You can host these events once a month or once a quarter and make sure that you let your clients know about it, post a notice on your website and write about it in your newsletter.

Add a Virtual Office Tour to Your Chiropractic Website

Take photos or use video to create a virtual tour of your office. If using video, include a narrative with you speaking and guiding your viewers through your waiting room, reception area and treatment rooms. If using photos, write brief explanations for each shot. Put these on your website.

YouTube Marketing

Having your own YouTube channel can be a great way to market your business. If you already have some footage of you teaching or demonstrating chiropractic care, then you are halfway there.

Do short segments that are very visual, have a concise, clear message and provide information that people seeking chiropractic care would want. Create your own YouTube channel and imbed some of your videos on your website as well as a link to your website from YouTube.

You can also ask some of your patients to film testimonials to post on your channel. Another great idea is to get permission to film someone who is just starting chiropractic care and follow them through their treatment. With reality TV programs being so popular, people will really gravitate toward a real story about someone’s progress and their recovery journey.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach your patients and network with both potential clients and practice partners. You need to have a social media presence, but it isn’t enough to just create a profile or page. You have to keep it active.

Post several days a week on Facebook and include photos with your posts. Send out punchy tweets on Twitter with links back to your website or blog. Connect with people on LinkedIn, both potential clients and businesses that are complimentary to your practice so that you can network and share clients.

Find a few social media sites that work for you and create a social media strategy. Plan your posts a month or two ahead of time so that all you have to do is cut, paste and post. Keep it all on an Excel spreadsheet with a tab for each month. That way you can plan ahead but also look at the posts you made previously so you can avoid duplicating them.

Start a Blog

If you don’t already have a blog, today is a good day to start. Keep it updated with relevant, timely posts. They don’t have to be extremely long; in fact, blog posts that are done in parts often do quite well.

Link to your website and put a blog link in your website’s navigation. When you post to your blog, promote it on all of your social media sites (and paste a copy in your social media marketing Excel spreadsheet).

Think about what your patients would like to read — or better yet, ask them. Then write about it. Just remember the three big rules of blog posting: Keep it timely. Keep it relevant. Post often.

Obviously, you have a practice to run so, as much as you need it, your marketing efforts should not monopolize all of your time. Our system provides you with hands-free marketing solutions to help free up your time. We have developed a fully automated system for the busy chiropractor so you can do what you do best — help people.


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