Chiropractic Marketing Ideas
That’ll Grow Your Practice In 2023

Chiropractic Marketing IdeasUpdated for 2023: Finding novel and interesting chiropractic marketing ideas is not always easy. As you search for the ones that speak to the specific client culture of your practice it may seem that you can’t escape the same tired ideas over and over.

The truth is, most chiropractic marketing ideas are really old ideas with new twists. When you put your own practice personality into the old marketing strategies, your promotion efforts come to life.

Some of these ideas are solid, tried and true chiropractic marketing strategies that have been around for a long time. Others are fun, unique spins on old ideas. Find a few that reflect the atmosphere of your practice, implement them and watch your client list grow!

Chiropractic Newsletter

A chiropractic newsletter is an inexpensive, effective way to stay connected with your patients and gain new ones.

There is a three prong approach that makes a newsletter successful:

First, include content that is relevant to your patients. Add a section on a chiropractic topic but also offer diet, exercise and other wellness information. Invite guests to write articles and ask community businesses to offer special discounts to your patients that can be included in your newsletter. Offer exclusive discounts on your own products and services.

Next, invite your patients to sign up for the newsletter when they come to your office or visit your website to schedule an appointment. Have samples of past issues on hand to show and leave copies in your waiting area.

Finally, use your social media accounts to promote the newsletter with teasers about upcoming issues.

Sponsor Wellness Seminars

Work with spas and health clubs to sponsor wellness seminars. A forum or expo often works well. Partner with other wellness practitioners or companies in your area. This allows you access to their client base — customers who are likely to already have an interest in your services.

The key is to invite relevant, quality partners who will add substantial offerings and information which will attract more traffic to the event.

Develop a New Patient Referral Program

People love incentive programs. Develop a program that encourages patients to refer a friend to your practice by giving both parties discounted products or services or a free session.

Use Samples to Promote Your Chiropractic Practice

If you retail products through your practice you can increase your sales as well as patient referrals with samples. When you attend events like health fairs, charity runs or marathons or school programs have these small samples on hand to pass out along with a brochure or card that has your practice name and contact information.

Host Monthly Wellness Events

Open your practice one or two evenings a month to host a wellness event. Use your newsletter to promote the event and focus the topic on a certain area of wellness that is of interest to your patients.

Encourage participants to bring a friend and create an environment that makes your participants feel comfortable and relaxed. Offer light refreshments and devote a portion of the event to mingling and socializing.

Topic ideas for these events do not have to focus on chiropractic but can encompass a whole health strategy that may include diet, exercise, gym safety and exercise for children.

By having the event at your practice and making it informal you create an air of familiarity and build trust between your practice and the participants — many of whom are sure to become your patients.

Offer Bag Lunch Seminars

Work with clubs, spas and businesses to offer bag lunch seminars where you discuss a particular wellness topic for one to two hours. Offer a discount session to all participants or free consultation or other incentive.

Create Company Partnership Wellness Programs

Approach companies in your area to partner with specific companies and provide wellness programs. You can offer a discount to employees of the company, organize employee health fairs and give seminars.

Wellness Party

Home parties are increasing in popularity. Ask your patients to host a wellness party in their homes. You provide the refreshments and invitations while they open their home to family, friends and co-workers.

Follow the home party format with a brief but fun presentation, games and prizes and free gifts for the host and attendees. Bring along your schedule book and end the party with a special offer for chiropractic services in your office.

Chiropractic Patient Engagement

Chiropractic patients like to engage with their favorite brands or companies. Do little things that engage them, give them a place to belong — a place where they feel like family. Birthday cards, anniversary cards and holiday specific letters (like New Year’s resolutions letters, summer safety tips and travel wellness tips) are great ways to connect with your patients.

Social media is one of the best ways to engage with your patients. Set aside one day a week to address patient questions on your blog. Ask your patients to tell you what topics they would like to see covered in blog posts and on social media.

Keep your social media account active, posting regularly and post to your blog several days a week. Respond to blog comments, Facebook comments and tweets about your practice. Ask provocative questions that prompt response and give your practice a face that reflects family, community and belonging.

Chiropractic marketing ideas can come from some unusual places. Always keep your eyes open for opportunities and act on them. Don’t be afraid to be a little unconventional or to step outside of the box.

Your chiropractic practice’s marketing strategies do not need to look like your competitor’s. In fact, it shouldn’t. You can implement some basic ideas, but put your own mark on it.

Bring your own brand and personality into your campaign and make it your own. You know your patients, what they want, and what matters to them better than anyone else. Speak to that market and your chiropractic practice will surely benefit from it.


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