chiropractic-marketing-websitesIn this post, I’m going to share with you one of twelve chiropractic marketing ideas that are working extremely well for our clients.

Now before we dive into today’s content, please understand that your chiropractic website must be set up correctly in order to take advantage of this idea.

In other words, if your website isn’t set up for conversions through the use of landing pages, conversion funnels, and automated drip email campaigns, don’t even bother with trying to implement this idea.


Because you’ll be wasting your time!

And, if you’re running paid ads through Facebook, Google, or Instagram, you’ll be wasting your money, too!

Let me state it a different way…

Create your chiropractic website for conversions by setting up landing pages, conversion funnels, and drip email campaigns BEFORE you spend a dime on driving traffic through Facebook, Google, or Instagram ads.

Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting money — and, losing out on treating more chiropractic patients that desperately need your services!

Chiropractic Marketing Ideas that Attract New Patients

Take a look at this image…

The CMW Method

I call it The CMW Method — a simple to follow internet marketing system that works for any chiropractor in any market without spending a lot on advertising.

Unlike most solutions out there that only add a single “piece of the puzzle” — oftentimes leaving you more confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed than when you first started (not to mention out a few hundred or thousand dollars) — The CMW Method is the puzzle itself.

All you have to do is complete the right steps in the right order and we’ll be with you every step of the way!

That’s right!

We’ll build your chiropractic website, connect all of the technical pieces of the puzzle together for you and help you launch a powerful marketing campaign that’s designed to double, triple, and even quadruple new patients in 90 days or less with zero frustration from tech overwhelm.

As a matter of fact, we’ll even manage, create, and connect all of your chiropractic Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google pay-per-click ads so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

It’s chiropractic marketing automation at its finest!

So here we are…

Chiropractic Marketing in 3 Simple Steps

Three simple steps that will radically transform the way you market your chiropractic practice from this point forward.


But let me tell you the secret…

You have to do the right steps in the right order!

You can’t jump to Facebook ads, YouTube videos, or some fancy social media campaign until you have Step One and Two in place.

So Step One is called the Platform Phase.

Step One Platform Phase

In this phase, you’ll learn how to define your target audience, master your message, and craft the perfect offer.

Now I can hear you say, “I already know my target market! It’s everyone!”

Well, duh!

But that won’t fly when trying to run very specific ad campaigns that return up to 10x ROI!

You need to be laser-focused on only ONE MARKET or PROSPECT at any given time.

Chiropractic Marketing Rule of Ones

In other words, you need to follow what I call the Rule of Ones.

A lot of the reasons why you struggle is because you’re doing too many things at once.

I can hear you say things like, “I’m going to start a blog, I’m going to do two different Facebook campaigns, I’m going to do a health event, record a bunch of YouTube videos, run some Google ad campaign, et cetera…”

And what happens is you never get anything over the finish line worth writing home to mom about.

That’s because you don’t stick to the RULE OF ONES — a rule that makes sure you focus on ONE THING and ONLY ONE THING over 90 days until you reap a positive ROI.

Make sense?


Then let’s break things down further…

First off, as mentioned earlier, you need to focus on ONE PROSPECT (aka Market).

The prospect is just a profile of your ideal patient.

So the perfect prospect blueprint that we provide in our training helps you define who this individual is.

It’s very simple.

We just say, “Who is your perfect prospect?”

Then figure out, “What are their demographics and psychographics?”

And more importantly, you have to know their pains and frustrations or goals and desires, fears and implications, dreams and aspirations.

So what I mean by that is, if you just write these things down, what are your prospects’ biggest pains right now and their biggest goals?

What are they frustrated with and what do they want?

What’s going to happen if they don’t take action?

Those are their fears and implications.

Like if they want to lose weight but they don’t change their diet or exercise, they are going to have heart disease or some other significant health problem, right?

They may even struggle with relationships and remain single. What are the long-term downsides of not taking action?

And then, what’s their biggest dream?

You have to think about the WHY.

In marketing, we always talk about what we provide and then we talk about features and benefits. But features and benefits are weak without implication or transformation.

So you have to know what their frustrations are.

That takes you from anonymous to intimate where all of a sudden everything you do, every ad you run, every landing page you launch, your prospects say, “Hey, that’s me. You feel what I feel.”

Right? Make sense?

So it’s really important you know your target market like the back of your hand.

So that wraps up one of the twelve chiropractic marketing ideas I have for you today.

I’ll go through the second one in a later post.

It’ll show you how we put things together for our clients.

It’ll also help you understand how we help our clients turn website visitors into new patients in 90 days or less without tech overwhelm or spending a lot on advertising.

Until next time…

Have a great day!

Patrick MacNamara, DC
Founder, Chiropractic Marketing Websites

P.S. If you’re not getting the number of leads you’d like from your current chiropractic website, click here to learn how we can help.

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