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Learn what you should include on your chiropractic website that'll help DOUBLE your conversions, leads & NEW PATIENTS in under an hour!


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We help chiropractors double, triple, and even quadruple new patients in 90 days
or less without tech overwhelm and without spending a lot on advertising.

Chiropractic Website Designs That Get You Noticed, Generate Leads & Attract New Patients

If you're not getting the number of leads from your website that you'd like, make sure you download our blueprint to see what may be missing.

chiropractic marketing websitesAll of our designs are built in HTML5 with full mobile responsiveness.

As a chiropractor, having an exceptional reputation within your local community is of utmost importance. And the #1 way to establish this reputation online is to make sure your chiropractic website design communicates your expertise right from start.

Yet when it comes to effective design, plenty of chiropractic websites fail miserably because they're not setup correctly for lead generation.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in! Through our founder's expertise, we have over 15 years of chiropractic website design experience that helps attract more visitors and convert them into quality new chiropractic patients.

Chiropractic Marketing Websites is committed to helping chiropractors expand their patient base through the use of beautiful, user-friendly, mobile-responsive chiropractic website designs that are optimized for search and optimal lead generation.

How do we accomplish this?

By starting with a design that helps attract and hold the attention of each site visitor.

How Our Chiropractic Website Designs
Increase the Stickiness of Each Visit

Let’s face it: You’ve got competition and a lot of it. This means you have one and only one chance to make an unforgettable first impression that sets your practice above and beyond the rest.

You need an attractive chiropractic website design that captures visitors' attention and keeps them on your page longer. You need a design that’s visually-appealing, informative, and super easy to navigate.

chiropractic website design

If you don’t have a site that’s optimized for visitor appeal, you’ll be lucky if visitors spend more than a few seconds glancing at your page before they bounce off and go visit one of your competitors'.

To avoid this, your site needs true holding power. In other words, it needs to be “sticky” so that you've got enough time to show your visitors that you're the chiropractor for them.

Fortunately, this is something we specialize in. Learn how we do it by downloading your free copy of our 2018 Ultimate Chiropractic Website Blueprint. Get your copy today!


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Why Your Chiropractic Website Design
Needs To Be Mobile Responsive

Sitckiness is important — but it’s just one part of the equation. Setting up your site for success also means making it accessible across all sorts of platforms.

chiropractic website design mobile responsiveIn other words, your site needs to be compatible with whatever device your audience views it on — this includes all laptops, desktops, notebooks, and smartphones. By doing so, every element of your website will look its best no matter the format.

Having a mobile-friendly design plays a huge role in your site’s success.

Matter of fact, Google recently reported that the number of people performing searches on mobile devices had far surpassed searches on desktops and laptops.

They also pointed out that about 70% of people searching for health information were doing so from their notebooks, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Obviously, chiropractors that are able to offer truly mobile-friendly designs are the ones that are going to capture the greatest number of searches which, in return, will produce the most chiropractic new patients, business and revenue.

Why Every Chiropractic Website Design
We Build Is Built In HTML5

chiropractic website design html5Of course, just knowing what makes for an effective chiropractic website design isn’t enough. You also need to know how to create, code and execute that design in way that’s efficient, reliable, agile and, most importantly, blessed by Google.

In other words, it needs to be built in the most current web standards and technologies —as of 2018, this is HTML5. Otherwise, your site's ranking within your local SERPs (search engine result pages) will be negatively affected.

So, unless you plan on tinkering with your site yourself (which we strongly advise against since you're a chiropractor not a webmaster), you really don’t need to worry about what HTML5 does or how it works. All you need to know is that sites coded in HTML5 achieve all of the requirements needed for optimal search placement.

And the good news is that every chiropractic website we build utilizes HTML5 with mobile responsiveness right out of the gate. This ensures that your site stays compatible with future changes to the web and is cross-browser compatible.

Another benefit to using HTML5 is that it will improve your site’s ability to deliver audio and video. And that's important in today's content and media rich marketing strategies. Simply put, HTML5 is your site’s ticket to a truly state-of-the-art design.

To discover where the best place to use video on your chiropractic website is simply download your free copy of our 2018 Ultimate Chiropractic Website Blueprint.


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Chiropractic SEO Done Right That Ranks Chiropractic Websites Higher For Keywords & Phrases That Prospects Are Actually Using

Allow us to help you dominate your
local market for chiropractic through SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is defined by Search Engine Land as the process of getting traffic from the "free", "organic", "editorial", or "natural" search results on search engines.

In other words, when done correctly search engine optimization allows chiropractors to grow their chiropractic practices without spending a dime on costly ads or promotions.

But how do you do SEO correctly and without worrying about being penalized by Google every time they roll out a new update to their search algorithm?

Well, you can chance it yourself or leave it to our SEO professionals who specialize in chiropractic search engine optimization. We know search engine optimization like the back of our hand and will make sure your web presence is setup correctly from the moment you signup as a member.

chiropractic SEO

Our strategy covers all three types of SEO — On-page SEO, Local SEO & Off-page SEO. If you don’t know the difference between on-page, local and off-page SEO, here are their definitions in their most simplistic forms:

On-page search engine optimization or Onsite SEO deals with search engine optimization of your website’s pages and content.

Local search engine optimization or Local SEO deals with claiming and managing all of the local directories and citations for each market that represent your business. Think Google+ Local, Yahoo! Local, Merchant Circle, CitySearch, etc…

Off-page search engine optimization or Offsite SEO deals with building authority backlinks to help raise your overall SERPs (search engine result pages) in organic search. In other words, it helps your overall ranking in search on Google.

On-page or Onsite SEO is the Foundation of Your Chiropractic SEO Campaign

chiropractic on-page SEOThe first part of building an SEO empire is a solid foundation. Onsite SEO is the foundation of your SEO campaign. With a weak foundation you will have an unstable campaign. That's why we offer onsite SEO services with every plan we offer.

Solid onsite SEO includes:

  • Performing accurate keyword research so you know what to target.
  • Setting up proper site architecture that makes both users and bots happy.
  • Hand-written, targeted meta data including title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Setting up a content strategy that can be scaled. For example, Google likes active/growing sites, usually accomplished through a blog. That's why we offer weekly chiropractic blogging services with our Professional, Advanced and Premium Plans right out of the gate.
  • Monitor your Search Console for errors and the like.
  • Integrate social. This is a given. Social signals aren't found to cause higher rankings however they are correlated, so allowing users to share/like/pin/tweet is highly recommended.
  • Add extras like Open Graph markup so things are shared nicely, rel=canonical so your content isn't stolen and an xml sitemap to keep search engines updated with site changes.

For more tips on how to do on-site SEO correctly, download your free copy of our 2018 Ultimate Chiropractic Website Blueprint. Get your copy today!


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Local SEO Helps Prospects Find The Chiropractor They Need From Their Own Communities

Local business listings, or local directories, are online informational sources that contain basic information about businesses, such as their business name, phone number, address, hours of operation, photos, and sometimes reviews or ratings.

Many local listings, like Google+ Local and Bing Local, are factored into search results for both organic and map searches.

chiropractic local SEOYour local chiropractic business listings play a critical role on how you perform in local SEO. Matter of fact, search engines often populate these sites at the top of organic search results.

But if you haven’t claimed your listings, they may show up with inaccurate or missing information. This can negatively affect search results displayed to prospects which, in return, hurts your business's bottom line.

If you've ever tried to claim a local listing for your chiropractic practice, you know what a pain in the rear it can be. Each company has its own set of guidelines to follow and hoops to jump through. If you don't know what each company requires beforehand, it can be downright maddening.

Plus, there are literally hundreds of local directories online today. Do you know which ones will serve you and your chiropractic prospects the best? Do you have the time to sit behind a computer to claim and manage each one?

Probably not unless you're new in practice and aren't seeing patients. It not only consumes valuable time but can frustrate you to no end!

Trust us… you've got better things to do with your time instead of dorking around with remedial tasks like entering basic practice information over and over again!

Instead, allow our chiropractic SEO professionals do all of the heavy lifting for you!

Off-page or Offsite SEO Helps Chiropractors Dominate Their Local SERPs

chiropractic on-page SEOIn Google's current algorithm it is very important not to be over optimized for the exact keywords you want to rank for. Without getting too technical, basically you want to keep the % of exact anchor keywords to under 5% (ideally under 2%) of your overall backlink profile. The name of the game here is "look as natural as possible".

Thus, all other links should be made up of URL anchors (, Brand anchors (YourBrandName), generic anchors (click here, read more etc.) and possibly name anchors (the author or owner of the site).

Whether you have a new or established chiropractic site, having a variety of links and anchors is incredibly important to ranking highly. But knowing how to get these "diversification" links can be both a real challenge and detriment to your overall ranking if you don't know what you're doing.

Fortunately, we know exactly what we're doing and have helped hundreds of chiropractors from around the globe reach high ranking within their local SERPs no matter how big a market they're in.

To find out where we recommend placing links on your Home page, download your free copy of our 2018 Ultimate Chiropractic Website Blueprint. Get your copy today!


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