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Learn how our chiropractic marketing services help grow your chiropractic practice

No matter if you're a startup or seasoned practitioner, we've got a plan that's perfectly priced for you and your practice.

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*Our services are limited to one doctor per market. Find out if your market is available today!

We Build Practices Not Just Websites

Chiropractors turn to us when they need more than a website.

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our chiropractic marketing services

Our Goal Is Simple — To Help Build Your Practice One Website Visitor At A Time

Our System Connects Your Passion To Your Market So That Your Practice Is More Easily Found By Those Who Need You.

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About CMW

Chiropractic Marketing Websites (CMW) is a full-service Internet marketing agency for practicing chiropractors.

We provide chiropractic websites, blog marketing, email marketing, landing pages, patient review management services, sales funnels, social media integration, search engine optimization, Facebook ads management, Google pay-per-click management, and much, much more.


CMW was founded by Dr. Patrick MacNamara, chiropractor, educator and entrepreneur.

dr. patrick macnamara dcAfter years of teaching at chiropractic seminars around the United States, Dr. MacNamara realized that most chiropractors weren’t implementing the things he taught, mainly due to either a lack of time or technical barriers they faced.

Because of this, he knew that they were missing out on many opportunities Internet marketing provides toward reaching their local communities for chiropractic.

Out of this epiphany, he worked tirelessly for two years to build a system that would not only automate Internet marketing for chiropractors but would also easily scale no matter how many chiropractors joined.

Once completed, CMW was born and has been an amazing success for hundreds of chiropractors ever since!

A Completely Hands-free Chiropractic Marketing System For Busy Chiropractors

We provide chiropractors with a hands-free solution to Internet marketing that not only frees up their time to see more patients but also helps them grow their practice more efficaciously. Quit struggling with Internet marketing. We can help.

Our Chiropractic Marketing System...

Builds Authority

Our system helps position you as the health authority within your local community.

Creates Community

Our system helps build a solid platform for your chiropractic business online.

Develops Trust

Our system develops trust with your readers and creates a powerful professional brand.

Generates Leads

Our system generates quality chiropractic leads without you having to do a thing.

Reach More Patients Locally

For most chiropractors, chiropractic marketing isn’t something we enjoy doing. Nor is it something we went to school for. Instead, our interests lie in getting sick people well through the power of our chiropractic adjustments.

But in today’s constantly connected society, chiropractors have no choice but to invest in chiropractic marketing, a properly designed lead-generating chiropractic website and chiropractic search engine optimization (chiropractic SEO) if they truly desire to maximize their Internet presence and be seen as the expert in their field within their local communities.

Our chiropractic marketing system is laser-focused on all of the above so that chiropractors can get back to seeing more patients and quit wasting time on things outside of their expertise.

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8 More Reasons Why You'll Love CMW

Automated Blog Marketing

Tap into our hands-free chiropractic blog marketing system that updates your chiropractic website on a weekly basis with keyword-rich articles that help get you found by those that need your services the most.

Automated Email Marketing

Capture leads effortlessly through our hands-free chiropractic email marketing system, then sit back as it nurtures your leads to help take them from prospect to patient through our weekly emails.

Search Engine Optimization

Our state-of-the-art code and smart design architecture mean search engines see your content and display it accurately within your local search engine result pages (SERPs). This means you'll get found faster!

Responsive HTML5 Designs

We offer an array of beautiful designs for your website that are HTML-compatible and mobile-responsive. This ensures your content looks great on every type of browser available — no matter what device is viewing it.

Built-in Patient Review System

Capturing positive patient reviews through the sites we build is a snap. Our one-click conversion funnels route patients directly to the sites that matter most without jumping through multiple hoops.

Social Media Integration

Automatically feed blog articles, clinic announcements, and upcoming health events directly from your blog into social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter — all without having to sign in and out of each site.

Google Maps Integration

Our integration with Google Maps allows your patients and prospects to more easily find you. The code we use also allows simple click-to-call functionality directly to your office from any mobile device.

Ongoing Site Backups & Upgrades

Site backups and software upgrades are an essential component to maintaining a healthy website. Every site we build is backed up and uses the most current version of software to ensure web compliance standards.

"Our chiropractic marketing system takes the pain out of Internet marketing and saves you time by doing all the heavy lifting for you. It literally eliminates the hurdles most chiropractors face when trying to attract new patients from the web. We do this by removing the main pain points that typically leave chiropractors dead in their tracks."

- Patrick MacNamara, D.C.
dr patrick macnamara dc

We Take The Pain Out Of Chiropractic Marketing

Each practice is different but we’ve identified the 10 most common pain points chiropractors face after working with hundreds of clients from around the globe.


Chiropractors don't know what the main purpose of their website is


They don't have time to blog and don't see why it is important


They don't know what type of web designs work best toward capturing leads


They don't understand lead-generation and how to use their blog to capture leads


They don't understand optin forms and why they're essential to growth


They don't have a system that converts website visitors into leads


They don't have a system that automates blog marketing


They don't have a system that automates email marketing


They don't have a system that helps capture reviews from patients


They don't understand how to do SEO to help increase their ranking

Internet Marketing is a PAIN

But Not When Chiropractors Use Our HANDS-FREE Approach!

Our system eliminates every pain point our clients have experienced and more!


Web traffic doesn't mean squat if you don't convert it into leads

CMW Puts Lead-generation On Auto-pilot


Built with HTML5

Every chiropractic website we build utilizes HTML5 with mobile responsiveness. How does HTML5 enhance your site?

First, it’s the new code standard, which will make your site compatible with future changes to the web.

Secondly, it will ensure cross-browser compatibility.

HTML5 makes your site mobile-friendly by being responsive, and it will improve your site’s ability to deliver audio and video.

And it’s completely extensible. Simply put, HTML5 is your site’s ticket to a truly state-of-the-art design.

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Built with You in Mind

It doesn't matter if you're a new Doctor of Chiropractic just getting started in practice or a seasoned practitioner with thousands of patient files, we've built CMW with you in mind.

Our robust reporting system (available with our higher plans) keeps you in the loop and allows you to visualize all of the hard work we do for you month-in and month-out.

We believe if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. That's why we provide the reports you need to determine the ROI of every SEO campaign we run for you.

Whether you need to view your local search rank, your local citation & directory listings or just want to see how you're doing up against your local competitors, our reports give you a quick, accurate and thorough analysis of your entire web presence.

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A Plan for Every Budget

Our Plans Are Exclusive To One Doctor Per Market — Find Out If Your Market Is Available Today

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For stagnant practices.


For seasoned practices.

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