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More than ever before people in your market are searching for answers to their most pressing health concerns. Are they finding you when they search?

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Getting a website is one thing. Getting it found during search is another. We help people find your practice more easily through our hands-free system.

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We provide hands-free Internet marketing solutions that connect your passion to your market so that your practice is more easily found by those who need you.

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Our Story

Chiropractic Marketing Websites was founded in 2012 by chiropractor and entrepreneur, Patrick MacNamara. After years of speaking at conferences around the United States, he realized that most chiropractors weren’t implementing the things he taught that would help them dominate their local markets for chiropractic through the use of the Internet.

Out of this epiphany, he worked tirelessly for two years to build a system that would not only do all of the heavy lifting for chiropractors but would also easily scale no matter how many chiropractors joined. Once completed, he launched CMW in March of 2012. It’s been an amazing success for hundreds of chiropractors ever since!

CMW’s purpose is to help remove technical challenges many chiropractors face when dealing with Internet marketing. We accomplish this by providing a hands-free, turn-key system that does all of the work for our clients right out of the gate.

Our Plans

Our system can be accessed through three plans — the Professional Plan, the Advanced Plan and the Ninja Plan. Our clients’ budget and how aggressive they need to market typically determines the plan they choose.

Our Professional Plan focuses on building authority websites for doctors through the use of blogs, social media and email marketing — all completely hands-free right out of the gate. Once this foundation is laid, chiropractors can then add more functionality to their campaigns through either the Advanced Plan or Ninja Plan.

Our Advanced Plan builds on top of our Professional Plan by adding a slick, easy-to-use Reviews page for patients which ensures submission of reviews are being done successfully. In addition, local chiropractic directories and citations are submitted on a monthly basis to help build backlinks, authority, and PageRank with Google.

Our Ninja Plan is our top-tiered plan. Obviously, it is our most aggressive plan, too. It’s entire focus is on launching successful SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns for chiropractors based around keywords they preselect for their local markets. This plan is extremely powerful and really helps pull rank for websites that struggle in very competitive markets.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you’ll have full support from the very beginning. Our Support Team and Web Developers work tirelessly to make sure our customers are well taken care of.

We also provide a Members Area that provides informative and educational videos for the overachiever. They aren’t mandatory to watch but many doctors have requested them so that their chiropractic assistants would have a better grasp on what CMW provides.

Getting Started

Getting started with CMW is easy. Simply select the plan that works for you, then activate your subscription through our Plans page. Once your subscription has been activated, you’ll be emailed further instructions on how to complete your order. Just make sure you whitelist our email address by adding it to your computer’s Address Book to ensure proper delivery of all of our email communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

A more detailed Frequently Asked Questions section can be found at the bottom of our Learn More page. Just scroll to the bottom and you’ll see it.

If you have further questions after perusing our FAQs, feel free to contact us by either filling out the form provided over on our Contact page or by sending us a Voicemail through the tab provided on the right-hand side of our website. (NOTE: If you’re using a mobile device, the Voicemail tab won’t show. You’ll need to access it through a standard web browser.)

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